Xytech Systems

  • Client: Xytech Systems
  • Date: Completed August 2012
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Xytech Systems was originally incorporated as “Xymox Systems, Inc.” In 1998, the company changed its name to “Xytech Systems Corporation” after acquiring Gentech Systems Corporation.

Their site, when Loydster started working with them, was laid out in PHP in a LAMP-style format. We pushed for the move to XHTML and was happy to update their website to make it brighter, faster and more customer-centric.

Enhancements included more focused content and improved infographic and image elements. We added JQuery sliders and other JAVA components as well as a blog and Social Media.

We retooled their logo, changed their color scheme and tagline. Page flows were improved to make their website more reflective of the tools they were marketing. We also updated their back office Client space.

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